One more sleep till holidays... I think I am more excited about this than Christmas!

@matt Yes! We are hiring a motorhome and going to do a run out to Charters Towers, then back via Townsville and Mission Beach.

@roborutt @matt I am super jealous of anyone doing a road trip right now.

@mike @matt Yeah - we are pretty luck up here in Far North Queensland... few restrictions and lotsa space!

@roborutt @matt if all goes well, I'll be up that way mid-year with my little RAV4. I'm doing a long service leave trip around July-August, hoping to spend about 2 months on the road.

@mike @matt Definitely look me up if you are in Cairns. 😀 I have a few contacts with local companies too- so if you are planning on doing any tours/trips let me know

@roborutt Oh, for sure. My primary plan is to hike down to South Point at Wilson's Prom (in mid-winter because I'm an idiot), then wander my way up to Cape York.

Everything in between and after is deliberately undefined and negotiable, so I'll certainly be hitting up a lot of people for suggestions!


@mike @roborutt FYI Rob I think Mike like trains if you know what I mean. 😉

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@matt @mike Hehe... Righto - I will hook him up with the good stuff 😆

@roborutt @matt please be assured that's a comparatively normal level of "likes trains" and not "writes down engine numbers in a little book" levels. :awesome:

@mike @matt well, I work for the Savannahlander in Cairns. We get both kinds here 😉 ... the 'likes trains' peeps are easier to have a beer with!

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